ER1 Equity Release
The ER1 Equity Release exam forms part of the Certificate in Equity Release and upon successful completion will give you 15 credits at certificate level.

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The ER1 Equity Release exam forms part of the Certificate in Equity Release and upon successful completion will give you 15 credits at certificate level.

The study schedule is split into a three-week learning programme. We would recommend that you allow yourself around a week after the programme finishes to consolidate your learning, practice taking some examinations and revise. This means that you should leave yourself around 4 weeks from starting the programme, to taking the exam.

As part of our structured study plan, rather than just giving you a book and expecting you to read it and learn, we will be providing an interactive and structured journey to help you through your studies.

We have broken the key learning outcomes down into various areas that will be rolled out over the 3- week study schedule for you to study as you go. The learning materials will include written summaries of the material covered in the form of a study guide that you can print off and read through. As well as this and alongside the specific learning material, you will find links to other useful documents that will help with your study.

Forms part of

The Certificate in Equity Release

Credits awarded


Exam length

2 hours

Exam type

Multiple choice

Exam content

75 questions – 50 standard multiple-choice questions with and five case studies each with a further 5 multiple-choice questions.

Pass mark

In the region of 70%

Learning outcome 1

Know the definition of equity release, home reversion plans, lifetime mortgages and alternative methods of equity release / capital raising

Learning outcome 2

Understand the principles of equity release, the types of equity release schemes available and the circumstances for which such schemes might be appropriate

Learning outcome 3

Understand the types of consumer at whom equity release is targeted and their personal requirements wants and needs

Learning outcome 4  

Understand the circumstances in which equity release may be appropriate and how these are influenced by consumers’ preferences and financial needs

Learning outcome 5

Understand the impact on consumers’ future options

Learning outcome 6

Understand the key features, relative advantages and disadvantages of different types of equity release arrangements and principle alternatives

Learning outcome 7

Understand the rules relating to State benefits and taxation, the sources of information and specialist advice regarding the implications on these

Learning outcome 8

Analyse the suitability and affordability of the different types of equity release plans and the main alternatives for different types of customer

Learning outcome 9

Assess the advantages, disadvantages and potential risks to consumers associated with taking out equity release and when these may arise

Learning outcome 10

Assess the relative levels of risk for different consumers taking account of their individual circumstances

Learning outcome 11

Apply suitable equity release solutions to the circumstances of different types of consumer

Programme Details

  • CPD awarded
  • Exam guidance on your chosen programme
  • Pre-study knowledge tests
  • Structured, weekly learning
  • Downloadable workbooks for offline learning
  • Timed tests from a bank of 6000+ questions
  • End of module exam with instant feedback
  • Freedom to revisit content at any time
  • Freedom to re-sit exams multiple times
  • Flexible to suit your learning needs
  • ‘Ask the instructor’ messaging system
  • Tracks learning progress throughout
  • 24-hour access to our learning platform
  • Operates on every device with intuitive U.I

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