CF8 Long Term Care

The CF8 (Long Term Care Insurance) exam is a stand-alone module, leading to the Award in Long Term Care Insurance. It is a level 3 qualification and completion will give 15 credits.

Course Overview

The CF8 (Long Term Care Insurance) exam is a stand-alone module, leading to the Award in Long Term Care Insurance. It is a level 3 qualification and completion will give 15 credits. It also acts as an FCA approved qualification advising on Long Term Care Insurance, when held alongside another appropriate qualification for advice such as the Certificate in Financial Planning, Diploma in Financial Planning or Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

Forms part of
Stand-alone module, leading to the Award in Long Term Care Insurance.
Credit awarded
Exam length
2 hours
Exam type
Multiple Choice
Exam content
75 questions – 50 standard multiple-choice questions with and five case studies each with a further 5 multiple-choice questions.
Pass Mark
In the region of 70%
Learning Outcome 1
Understand the FCA definition of a long term care insurance contract and the background to long term care provision in the UK.
Learning Outcome 2
Understand the different types of long term care that are available.
Learning Outcome 3
Understand the responsibilities of a health authority in the provision of continuing care and any resulting funding implications for the individual.
Learning Outcome 4
Understand how current legislation affects the provision of advice on long term care insurance, particularly with reference to the responsibilities of a local authority in enabling access to long term care and procedures for care assessment.
Learning Outcome 5
Understand how local authorities make financial care needs assessments for those requiring long term care and the role of social services.
Learning Outcome 6
Understand the availability of alternative sources of assistance relevant in the provision of long term care and possible limitations on their use.
Learning Outcome 7
Understand the complexities and implications of the relationship between the adviser, the client and third parties when advising on long term care insurance.
Learning Outcome 8
Understand the taxation issues related to long term care insurance plans.
Learning Outcome 9
Understand the legal considerations that need to be taken into account when giving long term care advice to an individual or their representatives.
Learning Outcome 10
Understand eligibility to claim under a long term care insurance contract.
Learning Outcome 11
Understand the different costs associated with long term care provision and the factors that create variations in them.
Learning Outcome 12
Analyse the interaction between the eligibility for means-tested and non-means tested benefits in the provision of advice on long term care insurance.
Learning Outcome 13
Assess the suitability of arrangements available to fund and maintain an individual’s long term care needs and whether the level of risk they present to the client is appropriate and acceptable.
Learning Outcome 14
Analyse situations that might indicate to an adviser that a client’s long term care provision needs to be reviewed and identify the consequences of that review.

Please note this is a 3 week course and we recommend you study each module week to week, the full learning programme is released to you upon purchase. This allows you to learn at your own pace.

CF8 Long Term Care Course

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