CII 2024 Exam Dates

The CII 2024 exam dates are now available. So, where to start…

Step 1: Book your exam with the CII

Exam Exam Date Recommended Study Start Date
AF1 Personal Tax and Trust Planning 20/02/2024 13/11/2023
AF5 Financial Planning Process 13/02/2024 27/11/2023
AF4 Investment Planning 07/03/2024 27/11/2023
AF7 Pension Transfers 05/03/2024 04/12/2023
J02 Trusts 12/03/2024 02/01/2024
R06 Financial Planning Practice 23/01/2024 Analysis will be published on or before 11/01/2024

You can check out the other exam sittings by clicking on the link below:

Source : CII website https://www.cii.co.uk/important-exam-deadlines

Step 2: Plan your study time

These exams are not designed to be easy. They are testing your knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge to different cases and scenarios. You need take the time to develop each area and practice your exam techniques. The most important advice we can give you is to make a plan, get your study time into your diary and do your best to stick to that plan. This WILL make it all much easier, it makes the journey more enjoyable (yes, it can be!), and keeps the study time manageable and achievable alongside your work and social life…hugely important to achieving exam success.

We help you with all of this, we plan out a week by week structure and provide all the materials you need to learn, apply and do. We start planning WEEKS before the exam to allow you enough time to plan, prepare and perform. Our study timetable is a very simple tool BUT it is absolutely vital to keeping you on track to passing your exam.

A week by week blend of study notes, video tutorials, workbook questions and exam style questions gives you all the resources you need to cover all the content. Then we have two dedicated revision weeks in the lead up to the exam to get ‘doing the doing’ and practice, practice and practice.

We give you what to study and when to study it, leaving you free to focus on the learning and actually getting your study done.

Step 3: Getting started

Book your exam, access our course and get familiar with our course content and structure. On purchase you have access to our online forum where you can ‘ask our expert’ questions about the exam itself and any technical content, so introduce yourself and start as you mean to go on. You can also interact with fellow students here, so you don’t have to study alone. Getting involved is key to staying motivated and passing the exam, we are also available on the phone for a chat or via email if you would like further information.

Our job is to give you the plan, with the right learning materials at the right time to maximise your studies and prepare you to pass.

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