AF7 Pension Transfers

The AF7 exam (Pension Transfers) forms part of the Advanced Diploma in financial planning and upon successful completion will give you 20 credits at advanced level and take you a step closer to Chartered Financial Planner.

Course Overview

Forms part of
The Advanced Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning
Credit awarded
Exam Length
2 hours
Exam Type
Exam Content
Comprising 3-4 compulsory short written answer questions and two case study based questions.
Pass Mark
In the region of 60%
Module 1
Regulatory background and advice process
Module 2
Defined benefits and safeguarded benefits
Module 3
Defined benefit to money purchase transfers
Module 4
Key issues for pension transfer advice
Module 5
Application of advice and case studies
Final Study
Review your learning and take the CII mock


AF7 Pension Transfers Course

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The 1-hour seminar was exceptional! You are incredibly talented in terms of the way you present, so engaging and clear. It was the most useful call out of all the providers I have had. Most of the other calls didn’t provide much more info/thoughts than the analysis already gave. But yours was engaging and helped focus on certain areas.

Cannot thank you enough for your help. I will be spreading the word about how amazing Redmill Advance is!

Poppy Ropner - Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management

I want to give a special thanks to Jon Dodson at Redmill Advance for all your support. Without our 1-to-1’s I think R04 would have been the end of the road, but thanks to Jon’s persistence and profound knowledge of the material, I was able to walk in and out of the examination centre confidently and with my head held high. Thanks again for your hard work. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Davio D’Ercole - Associate Partner Practice of St James Place Wealth Management

I passed the R04 exam! Thank you for all your help, not just with the content and questions but you gave me confidence that I could pass it which meant a lot.

Rhys Melville - Financial Advisor, Woodstock Wealth Management

I passed!!!! Somehow I managed to get 80%, I thought it would be a lot lower because it was a challenging exam! I didn’t do any additional studying other than the training you provided so thank you very much!

Tom Cochran - Aspect8

I have found Redmill the most useful out of all the analyses I have, I have been so impressed with it and so grateful. Your notes were so concise and flowed incredibly well – reading almost like I was sitting in front of you and we were discussing it.

Poppy Ropner - Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management

I was returning to the industry after a career break and was very nervous about changes to exam requirements. I've loved every minute of learning with Redmill Advance. Great value for money and a very positive experience

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